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Never Forgotten

· He saw me cry on the last day
· I bet he thought it was because everyone was going away
· But secretly inside myself I was yelling,
· "Don't do this to me!"
· "Don't leave."
· Every time I see him
· It's like the gigantic hole in my chest disappears
· But the second he turns around
· I wish he was now near
· The hole somehow finds its way back
· Through all of the tears
· There's a lump in my throat
· That I just can't seem to swallow
· I try to scream
· But my voice just sounds hollow
· It feels like there is acid
· All throughout my body
· Every payer I prayed was for you
· Every start I wished upon was about you
· And every tear I shed was because of you
· You were never forgotten
· Oh honey, you were never ONCE forgotten

                     --Hannah Harrison
I'll never let you go.
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January 28, 2011
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